Audio Deterrents

Contego AERO is our bird control and proofing division.

We use a wide range of tactics against nuisance birds, including these audio deterrents which we installed on a factory roof which was experiencing problems with visiting birds.

Audio ‘bird scarers’ are able to emit the natural distress call of several pest species – in this case we were dealing with problem seagulls.These units are used as part of a bird-scaring package, which also includes intermittent visits by our Birds of Prey team, to reinforce the environment as being ‘uncomfortable’ for the seagulls.

The units pictured are solar powered, which enables them to be sited anywhere.Their speakers give 360 degrees output to cover the whole area concerned.We adjust the volume levels to the minimum required so as not to cause a disturbance to neighbouring premises.

Indeed, too loud a call is unnatural and can be recognised as false by the birds, who have extremely good hearing.The units also have a dusk till dawn feature, so they switch off at night to remove the potential of noise disturbance, as sound travels further in the dark.

A random playback feature mirrors a predator entering the area at an unexpected moment.This coupled with the fact that the gulls have recently seen live predators (our Birds of Prey), makes the gulls feel uneasy and keen to leave the area for a quieter life.

We like to think of it as our ‘Avian Neighbourhood Watch’. You phone ‘Contego Neighbourhood Watch’ and the problem moves to another neighbourhood!

Our photo shows the gulls starting to disperse as the audio unit goes into action.

When large numbers of gulls are present the amount of guano (droppings) quickly starts to build up on the roof.This can spread disease as well as block gutters and drainpipes.

Luckily our sister division Contego PURGO can deal with the guano problem after the birds have departed.

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