Birmingham City Council recently successfully prosecuted two shops after discovering ‘chewed’ packets of food in their storerooms upon inspections.
The shops were found to have no adequate pest control measures in place. Inspectors were also very concerned that the property maintenance finding gaps and crevices in the building and notably gaps under the door.
The shopkeepers admitted three offences under the Food Safety and Hygeine Regulatiosn and were subsequently fined £13500 and ordred to pay £1959 in costs. The council has since awarded the top hygiene rating of 5. But Mr Adam one shop owner commented : “We have done a lot (since the issues were discovered) and the council know it. They have since given us a 5 hygiene rating. We’ve had a pest killer company to tackle the mice and rats. The council knows about this. The fine is so high for a small business we are. I love my business I’m trying to do my best for the community. It is not only here, the area is full of rats and mice. Ask anyone. But it’s no reason to not keep the shop clean. We have to try and do our best to make things safe for the customer. I’ve tried my best they wouldn’t have given me this rating otherwise.”

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