How to Get Rid of Stored Product Insects

If your business produces, stores, or handles products like cereals, grains, or other dried foods, you are at risk from stored product insect infestation.

Many different insects can infest stored food products, though beetles and moths are the types we most often see.

The bad news for your business is once these pests have found a tasty food source, they can breed fast and spread through your premises in their search for more food products. Before you know it, large amounts of your stock will be contaminated which can mean lost profits, potential legal issues, and damage to your reputation.

If you’ve seen evidence of stored product insects in your premises, you need to act fast.

Why you need to act fast to get rid of stored product insects

  • Contaminated stock can mean a serious loss of profit
  • Failure to comply with strict food safety and hygiene legislation can lead to fines and prosecution
  • Your reputation could be damaged if clients and customers find out that you failed to control pests on your premises

How to get rid of stored product insects

To deal with pests like stored product insects in a fast, effective, and legally compliant way, calling in a professional pest control service is your best bet. Highly-trained and experienced technicians will be able to identify signs of a stored product pest infestation, determine what species of insect you’re dealing with, then recommend the safest and most effective course of treatment. This can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

What you can do

  • Act quickly and call in pest control as soon as possible-stored product insects breed quickly and will search for more food sources relentlessly.
  • Remove the food products that seem to be at the source of the infestation and make sure surrounding areas are free of spillages and crumbs etc.
  • Make sure the rest of your stored food products are in robust, tightly sealed containers so the insects can’t get in to them.

What about DIY options, will they work?

We would generally advise against DIY options for this kind of problem. Because stored product pests breed fast and cause a lot of damage, you need to be able to identify where the infestation has come from and you need to be sure that you have eliminated every last insect.

Professionals know what to look for and they know how to successfully eradicate stored product insects.

Not only that, if you’re a food business, you are limited to what kind of pest control methods you can use. Certain types of toxic chemicals are not permitted. Professional pest control technicians understand the laws around pest control and food safety, and they’ll only use safe and legally-permitted pest control products in and around your premises.

How we can help

Professional pest control is the only way you can protect your business. deal with pest problems, and get rid of pests for good.

Don’t put your business, customers, or reputation at risk, call us today.

Our highly-trained and experienced technicians will survey your premises, and recommend a bespoke pest control solution that meets your needs and gives you peace of mind.

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