Urban Myth: Clean Houses are Pest-Free Houses

Your clean, comfortable home is your pride and joy and there’s no way you could ever have a pest problem because pests are only attracted to dirty houses, right?


Most pests are looking for food, water, shelter, and nesting sites, so it doesn’t matter to them whether they set up home in a clean house or a dirty one.

Here’s why clean houses are not necessarily pest-free, why pests might be attracted to your home, and what you can do about it.

There’s not much you can do to prevent some types of pests from getting in

Clean house or not, if you have a pet, you’re at risk of fleas getting into your home, and pests like bedbugs can hitch a ride into your property on that vintage armchair you picked up from the market.

But even though sometimes you just can’t stop pests from getting into your home, taking some preventative measures can give you the best chance of keeping your home pest-free.

What attracts pests and what can you do to stop them from getting in?

Pests are looking for sources of warmth, food and water, so taking these steps might help keep your house pest-free:

  • Look for possible entry points: Seal up any cracks in your walls, gaps around pipes, and any other possible pest entry points with steel wool or wire mesh then seal it with caulk.
  • Keep areas like kitchen surfaces and floors free from crumbs and spillages, and don’t leave uncovered food out where hungry pests can get to it.
  • Empty cat litter trays and boxes regularly, and don’t leave pet food or water out for lengthy amounts of time.
  • Empty and clean your kitchen bin regularly and make sure it’s secure so pests can’t get in to it. The same goes for your outdoor bins. If you are throwing something like a chicken carcass away, wrap it securely in a plastic bag before you put it in the bin to stop it from attracting pests.

What if I already have a pest problem?

If you pride yourself on your clean family home, you might be embarrassed at the idea that you have a pest problem, but don’t let that stop you from getting help. 

Pests are opportunists, and when they’re looking for food and shelter any home is fair game, whether it’s clean or not.

While you can go out under the cover of darkness and load up your shopping basket with chemicals to nip your pest problem in the bud, the only real way that you can have peace of mind that your pest problem is dealt with fast, effectively, and discreetly is to call in professional pest control.

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