What Does Good Pest Control Look Like?

Good pest control is about identifying and dealing with pests before they become a serious problem. But even more importantly, it’s about preventing pests from getting into your premises in the first place. It’s important to take your pest control responsibilities seriously.

If you don’t have a good pest management plan in place, this can cost you dearly in terms of lost profits, loss of reputation, and the potential for legal trouble.

So what does good pest control look like?

Good pest control is not just about hiring a professional pest control company. Before you even think about hiring a contractor, there are some things you should be doing in-house to reduce the chances of a pest problem occurring.

  • Put a thorough cleaning schedule in place for your premises and equipment.
  • Manage waste properly. Don’t allow it to build up indoors and store it away from buildings. Keep bin lids secure and don’t allow bins to overflow.
  • Train employees to spot signs of a pest problem.
  • Make sure products are stored off the floor and away from walls. Store food products in clean secure containers and pay close attention to stock control.
  • Keep your premises in a good state of repair. As we mentioned earlier, good pest control is about preventing pests from getting into your premises, so buildings should be kept in a good state of repair. This means filling in any cracks or gaps in walls, around doors and windows, and around pipes.

Hiring a pest control company

Setting up a pest control contract with a professional company can help protect your business, customers, and employees, and it also helps prove ‘due diligence should a pest problem occur.

Remember that it doesn’t absolve you of all responsibility though, and you should still take all of the in-house pest management steps that we’ve highlighted above.

Choosing the right pest control company

Good pest control is not just about putting down traps and poison. Professional pest control technicians should inspect and monitor your premises, suggest improvements to the way you manage pests, and advise you on how to prevent problems in the future.

When choosing a good pest control company, check that they:

  • Are insured to carry out work on your premises.
  • Have experience in pest management and control in your sector.
  • Are experienced in dealing with the pest(s) you’re having an issue with.
  • Are responsive enough to deal with pest problems fast.
  • Come with good recommendations and reviews.
  • Are a member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association).
  • Provide comprehensive pest control reporting to help you meet your legal obligations and audit standards.

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