What is Bird Alert?

Pest birds on your site are more than a nuisance, they can cause damage to buildings and vehicles, they’re noisy, and their droppings and aggressive behaviour puts people’s health and safety at risk.

So before pest birds do serious damage to your business, you might think about how you can keep pest birds away from your property and stop them coming back for good.

Bird-proofing is an important part of any pest bird control strategy, but what method works best?

It’s important to have a range of bird-proofing tools at your disposal, because birds, like many other animals, learn to stop responding to a particular stimulus like a loud noise after a while, and might not see it as a threat.

There are some very effective ways that we can bird-proof your premises, and one of the best is Bird Alert. We believe that pest control is changing, and smart technology is the future of keeping pest birds at bay.

How does Bird Alert work?

Bird alert is an intelligent system that monitors your site 24/7 and uses a special microphone to detect specific species of bird up to 250 metres away. Birds like rooks, gulls, geese, and starlings all have their own unique calls, and once Bird Alert detects them, it can activate up to five connected scare tools which work best to intimidate the particular species. Clever, right?

The system consists of a protective box which houses a battery, scare programmes, an audio library of distress calls that can be used to target particular species of bird, and a microprocessor that detects when birds are present. Bird Alert monitors and records all of the data in a smart app.

What scare tools can I add on to the Bird Alert system?

As we mentioned earlier, you can connect up to five scare tools to the Bird Alert box, including:

Distress Calls

Distress calls targeted at a specific species are played at random intervals, and are automatically updated to stop pest birds getting used to them and returning to your site.

Gas Cannon

The Bird Alert triggers the cannon, which produces a loud noise when the system detects pest bird activity on your site.

Remote Launch Kite

When the system detects pest birds, a Hawk kite is automatically raised and lowered to scare them off your site.

Eagle Eye

The Eagle eye reflects the sun’s rays in a varied pattern to deter pest birds. This scare tool is activated randomly by the Bird Alert system.

Scare Man

If your business or site is located in a quiet area where other bird scaring methods would create an unwanted disturbance, this is a great solution. The scare man instantly and noiselessly inflates to scare off pest birds.

What kind of site or business is Bird Alert perfect for?

Bird Alert is the perfect smart pest control solution for waste sites, airports, recycling plants, farms, hotels, corporate buildings, vehicle dealerships, hospitals, and chemical sites.

Want to find out more about how Bird Alert can help you?

Don’t wait until pest birds do serious damage to your business, get help now. Smart bird control technology could be just the flexible and cost-effective solution you are looking for.

Do you require a DIY option?

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